Connecting Our Communities

March 2019

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association provides quality and reliable broadband on a daily basis for rural Iowa business to grow and thrive. Designated as a Smart Rural Community and Gig Provider through NTCA: The Rural Broadband Association

Connecting Our Communities

September 2017

WCCTA has built a solid Fiber driven network in central Iowa providing gig-capable broadband to 16 small rural communities. This allows our cooperative as well as our members to evolve and change along with technology.

In The News

High Speed In Rural Iowa

Segment via WOI-TV,
February 23, 2015

Webster-Calhoun's progressive Fiber to the Home network and the Farnham family were featured in the segment Farm to Family. The Farnham family relies heavily on Internet from Webster-Calhoun for day to day operations including Marsha’s insurance business, Trent’s farming operation and education opportunities for their two children.

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