On inDemand Channel 600 you can see special mixed martial arts events, boxing events, wrestling events, concerts and comedy shows from the comfort of your own home. At this time, Webster-Calhoun is asking that anyone interested in the EVENT option contact our office to provide you access to this content.


PIN Number

Want to control who purchases content?  Concerned about some of the programming your young children may be watching? Although the default PIN number on the system is 0000 (four zeros) you can control what the PIN number is and who has access to it.

You can change the PIN for your account at any time by pressing Menu on the remote control.  Then choose Settings, Parental, and Change PIN.  There are two PIN Numbers. The Purchase PIN is used to when purchasing Pay Per View content.  The Ratings PIN allows you to change what programming can be viewed.  For example if you want to exclude certain channels from being viewed or certain movies or TV shows rated TV-MA or Adults Only.  For more information click on the "View User Guide For More Info" button at the top of the screen.

In the guide, highlight the program title you wish to purchase and push the OK button.  A screen will then review the program information.  Using the remote, arrow down to Purchase Pin and enter 0000 (four zeros).  This is the default for all users – see below.


Then arrow down to “Purchase”.  This will take you to another screen to confirm your purchase. You can “Confirm Purchase” or “Cancel”. Once a program is successfully purchased you will see a yellow PPV ticket on the guide. 

Pay-Per View

How To Purchase an Event on

Pay-Per View

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom



Please contact the WCCTA office at 352-3151 for more information,  to ask questions, to activate the event channel, or change your purchase limit.  All charges will be billed to your WCCTA monthly statement.  Current purchase limit is $50 per month.