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Coming Soon

More information is coming soon on how you can stream your current WCCTA TV package to your streaming device, smart phone or tablet.

Login Information

When you subscribe to WCCTA's TV service you can contact our office about login information.

Recording and Streaming


Select your streams.  Cloud DVR (digital video recorder) capability allows you to record your favorite show or series when you’re not home to watch TV live. Record multiple shows at the same time! Rewind live TV and replay what was already shown. Share all your recorded programs with other set-top boxes in your home or streaming devices. With the WCCTA TV app you can watch recorded shows and movies from your smartphone!

1 Stream w/ 100GB storage - $5.00/month

3 Streams w/ 300GB storage - $10.00/month

6 Streams w/ 600GB storage - $15.00/month

Streaming Device

Click on the link below to view the manual for WCDTV's "Big Button Remote Control". If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: 515-352-7000.
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