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Whole Home DVR 

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) capability allows you to record your favorite show or series - even record multiple shows at the same time! You can also rewind live TV and replay what was already shown. Now you can share all of your DVR recorded programs with any other set-top box in your home.

There are two ways in which customers may currently store the recorded programs: on a set-top box device or using Cloud Storage.

What are streams?

Puts you in control.


If you have one stream you can watch a recorded program OR record your favorite show - but not at the same time!

If you have three streams you can record two movies while watching a previously recorded show in the living room.

Cloud DVR Storage

Store your favorite programs externally from any set top box. You choose the number of streams and size of the storage:


100 GB, 1 Stream, approximately 40 hours of HD Programming, $5.00/month

300 GB, 3 Streams, approximately 120 hours of HD Programming, $10.00/month

600 GB, 6 Streams, approximately 240 hours of HD programming, $15.00/month

Want to change your plan? Contact us! This can be done any time and will not
affect your current programs stored in the cloud. 

Amino 540 Set-top Box

Stored programs are directly on this device. 


Recorded programs, up to 250G, are stored locally to this large set-top box. These boxes are no longer being installed but several customers may still utilize them.  Please note if your device goes bad the recordings may not be recovered.

Need more streams or storage? You can switch to the Cloud DVR at any time.

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