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Webster-Calhoun provides access to the Internet direct to your home or business but how do you connect it to your multiple devices?

There are people out there who love the challenge of researching why their home's Wi-Fi network isn't working right and figuring out what needs to be done to solve the problem. 

If you're NOT one of them, Managed Wi-Fi is your easy alternative!

Managed Wi-Fi is a service which takes the hassles of Wi-Fi troubleshooting (and more) off your hands in exchange for a small monthly fee.  Once you sign up for Managed Wi-Fi, Webster-Calhoun will handle a variety of Wi-Fi tasks: 

  • Selection of the best router location in your home for optimal coverage and signal strength

  • Setup of your Wi-Fi security password to avoid others using your Wi-Fi network without your permission

  • Help educate the connection of your devices — such as laptops, tablets, phones, and printer — to the Wi-Fi network

  • In-home troubleshooting should the Wi-Fi service stop working or function poorly

  • Repair or replacement of the Wi-Fi router when needed


It all comes down to this: Using your devices on a fast and reliable home Wi-Fi network is lots of fun. But doing the work of Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting — not so much. Why not let somebody else handle Wi-Fi? 

Managed Wi-Fi


  • $9.95/month ................. Managed Wi-Fi Router

  • FREE ..........................  CommandIQ Wi-Fi App 

  • $40.00 .......................... One-Time Install Fee

You will be asked to provide a network name and password to connect to your network. 

"I love it! Since I started using WCCTA's Managed Wi-Fi I have not had any problem connecting to my router!"   - Shirley W

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