Webster-Calhoun Digital TV (WCDTV)

IPTV High Definition Digital Television is available in all 16 communities serviced by Webster-Calhoun in both city and rural areas! 

Telephone Services

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association provides landline telephone service
to the town and rural areas of Gowrie, Pilot Mound, Vincent, Thor, Churdan, Knierim, Somers, Barnum, Duncombe, Farnhamville, Badger, Clare, Moorland, Boxholm, Lanyon, and Paton. 

Internet Services

High Speed Internet with unlimited data is available in all 16 communities serviced by Webster-Calhoun in both city and rural areas on a Fiber network direct to your home! Check out our commonly used speed packages. 

Additional Services

Check out these additional services and links as part of your account with Webster-Calhoun.