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Calling Features


Following is a list of the many calling features we have available. Some are free, some have a monthly fee, some may have an installation charge. All features have to be added to your service before the feature will work otherwise you may get a recording that states "you are not a subscriber to this service."   Please call our office for more information about pricing, installation and equipment for these features. 

  • Auto Recall - Automatically call back the last number that called you.


  • Call Waiting  - Never miss a call while you're on the phone!! A soft beep makes you aware of another call. Simply put your first caller on hold as you take your second call. See also Cancel Call Waiting.  When a caller tries your number while you're on the phone, you hear a soft beep and the caller hears a normal ring.  If unanswered, the beep repeats once more, after ten seconds.  To answer the new call, simply press your receiver hook or flash button to put the first call on hold.  Press the hook or flash button to return to your original call.


  • Caller ID - Know who's calling before you answer the phone! When you receive a call, the number or name and number of the person calling you is shown on the display screen. Special equipment is required and certain calls may display "unavailable." Call waiting caller ID is also available. Click here for more information about Caller ID.  


  • Calling Number Blocking Per Call  - By dialing a code (*67) before placing a call, you can prevent your phone number from appearing on the caller ID display screen of the person you are calling.


  • Calling Number Blocking Per Phone Line - Prevents your number from appearing on caller ID display screens on all calls without dialing a code. $2.00 per month. 


  • Cancel Call Waiting   - To deactivate a call waiting signal for a specific call or while using your computer modem. When the call is completed, call waiting is automatically reactivated.


  • Call Forwarding   - On the go? Don't miss a call! Call forwarding automatically routes calls to the numbers you specify so your calls will follow you where ever you go.


  • Custom Ringing (Business or Residence) - If you have two separate numbers that ring to one phone, use custom ringing to distinguish between the two lines. For example, a call on your business number may have two short rings and your personal number would ring once.


  • Customer Controlled 900 Blocking - Control access to 900 numbers using a PIN code.


  • Customer Controlled 1+ Blocking - Block all 1+ long distance calls unless a PIN code is entered before dialing the long distance number. Local calls, 800 calls, and emergency numbers are accessible.


  • Customer Originated Trace  - This free feature is already on your line.  Stop annoying calls!  If you receive annoying or threatening calls, you can initiate a trace of the caller's telephone number.  To activate, pick up your phone and dial *57.  Listen for a confirmation message.  Hang up.   Note the date and time of the annoyance call.  Call your local law enforecement agency to file a police report.  (Call Trace should only be used to trace life threatening or harrassing calls - calls for which you might want to press charges.)  You will not receive the telephone number of the call you traced.


  • Custom Distinctive Ring - Have a separate telephone number with a different ring terminate to the same phone line. Great for teenagers or fax line. Price depending on business or residential. $2.00 per month residential or $3.00 per month business. 


  • Distinctive Ring with Call Waiting - Allows you to create a list of 32 important telephone number that can be recognized by a special ring. If you have call waiting, you call waiting calls also have a distict tone. $1.00 per month. 


  • Speed Calling (Short List) - Short Speed Calling save up to 8 numbers.  Dial your most frequently called numbers with just 1 digit. A great time saver and perfect for emergency numbers.


  • Speed Calling (Long List) - Save up to 30 numbers on your list and dial those numbers with just 2 digits. $.50 per month. 


  • Three-Way Calling - Talk with 2 other people at separate locations at the same time!  Great time saver for business or family.  While connected to the first party, press telephone switch hook (flash button) once.  This puts the first party on hold and activates a dial tone (three short tones followed by a steady tone.)  The first party will remain on hold while you call the third party.  Once you reach the third party, bring the first party back into the conversation by pressing the switch hook (flash) again.  If the third party doesn't answer, simply press the flash button to restore the first connection, and the third party will be automatically disconnected.


  • 900 Number Block   - Prevent any 900 numbers from being called from your number. 


  • 900 Number Block (Customer Controlled) - Allows any one particular or all 900 numbers to be blocked from being dialed. $3.00 per month plus $18.00 installation.












Terminating Call Manager

Get the privacy you deserve from unwanted telemarketers!

Terminating Call Manager is an intelligent Call Screening service that blocks telemarketers and at the same time "learns" who your friends are so that their calls complete without interference.

With this service, all calls will be screened with the exception of local calls (all WCCTA and Lehigh Valley exchanges) and local wireless calls (351). Other callers will hear an announcement:

"The number you have reached does not accept calls from telemarketers. If you are a telemarketer please add this number to your Do Not Call list and hang up now. If you are not a telemarketer, please press 1". 

If the caller presses 1 the service will remember their phone number so the next time they call you they will not hear the message.

Click here for more information or to add this service contact our office at 515-352-3151.

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