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Need help with your emails?  Here are links to help you navigate the system!

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Webmail Documentation


Servers and Ports - Quick settings you need to set up email.

Android Settings

Settings for your Android Device.

Apple Settings

Settings for your iPhone or Ipad Device.

SPAM/Junk Mail

Frequently Asked Questions about the SPAM Filter.

Account Recovery

Account Recovery options within App Portal.

Password Reset

Password reset options within the App Portal.

WebMail Power User Guide

Everything you need to know about WebMail!

Email Basics

How to basics from reading to sending email.


Frequently asked questions about email 

How to use Contacts

Keep track of contact details for friends, family and business!

New User?

Tips to get started when setting up email.

CalDAV and CardDAV

Want to sync your webmail account and other devices and email accounts?

How to use the Calendar

Track and schedule appointments, meetings and events!

Tips for Organizing your WebMail

Tips to search and create folders to keep you organized.

Tips for using Rules and Filters

Want to sort incoming email or flag important messages? Learn more!

Help & Support

Office Support

(515) 352-3151

Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 4:30PM our office staff is available to personally answer your questions about service, support, and billing inquiries.

After Hours Support

(515) 352-7000

Still having trouble with your email settings? Tech support can help you double check your device or software client settings to ensure you are logging in correctly.
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