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About WCCTA Long Distance


When you choose Webster-Calhoun Long Distance as your primary long distance carrier, you're keeping all your telephone business with your local, member-owned cooperative telephone company.


WCCTA Long Distance Provides:

Direct Dial Calling:

  • 1+ long distance calls for Intralata (inside 515/641 area code) and Interlata (outside 515/641 area code) at a reasonable cost

  • $.10 Intralata and $.10 Interlata, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the continental United States



Toll Free Calling:

  • $3.00 monthly fee includes 20 minutes (additional minutes $.15)



And Don’t Forget:

  • Billing through WCCTA so you can receive your local service and long distance toll calls on one bill

  • Prompt responses to ALL your telephone questions from local representatives

Calling Plan Minute Bundles:

$10.00 includes 150 minutes each month

$20.00 includes 350 minutes each month

$30.00 includes 550 minutes each month

     additional minutes over $.06/minute

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