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Can I keep my phone number if I change to

Webster-Calhoun voice service?


How do I port my telephone number?


Yes, available to CLEC subscribers in Lohrville, Manson, Rockwell City and Lake City, if you want to change your voice service to WCCTA you can keep your same phone number.

  • Review your current contract. The contract with your current provider my contain early termination fees.

  • DO NOT TERMINATE your service with your current provider before receiving service with Webster-Calhoun.

  • Contact Webster-Calhoun to start the process of porting your phone number.

  • Provide Webster-Calhoun with your 10-digit phone number and a copy of your invoice with your current provider.

Porting is not always possible - if you are moving to a new geographic area, you may not be able to keep your current phone number when changing providers.



Your permission is needed to initiate the request to change providers for your phone number.  Please complete this form and return to Webster-Calhoun with a copy of your current provider invoice.



It is important for WCCTA to know if you have a PIN number on your account with your current provider! Many times this is required as part of the process, too. Some carriers call it a PIN number, password or CAP Code.

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