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Quality and Reliable Service

Like Nothing You Have Ever Experienced.


Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association is expanding further into Calhoun County by bringing fiber direct to your home or business. Our priority has been to provide quality and reliable service for over 65 years! Experience a company that continues to invest locally, in the network, in the community and in the people.

Spring of 2021 will be the start of something new as contractors begin work plowing Fiber Optic cables into Lake City.  Construction has been completed in Lohrville, Manson and Rockwell City.

Permit to Plow

No Charge, No Obligation for Service

Webster-Calhoun will be plowing fiber within the city limits of Lake City in the Spring of 2021. Initially we're requesting property owners to provide authorization to connect this fiber to your home or business before construction is complete. During this time there is no charge to plow and no requirement to take service.

Please print, sign and return the Permit to Plow.

Sign Up for Service

Service Now Available
in Lohrville, Manson, Rockwell City & Lake City!

The process for construction, splicing and testing takes time. We know you're excited to sign up and we appreciate your patience.

What is the pricing? Product and Service offerings will be the same throughout our service area. You can learn more here.

Be aware of any current service contracts you may have! We look forward to serving you.




Phase 1

Webster-Calhoun is working with Vantage Point Solutions to determine the best way to engineer fiber in your community. They may stop by your home or business to request a permit to plow and go over proposed construction procedures. You may see this process going on in Lake City.



Phase 2

We've chosen the very best to bury fiber. Webster-Calhoun has a long history with Central Cable Contractors. They have done all our past fiber construction and are confident they will do excellent work in your community. Construction has finished in Lohrville, Manson and Rockwell City and we've had great feedback from those communities!  Crews will be back in 2021 to continue work in Lake City.  Don't forget - in order to plow to your home we need permission!



Phase 3

Splicing teams will access pedestals and vaults to fuse the individual fiber from each cable buried. As you can imagine this takes time. We want a clean, continuous path for light to travel to ensure a quality and reliable connection. These cables connect your home to our central office. 

When splicing and testing is complete the cables are ready for installation.  Splicing crews will start soon in Lake City to connect all the cables to our network.



Phase 4

Prior to installation you will need to complete a request for service.  During installation our crew will visit your home or business to complete any wiring, set up the products and services you choose, and answer any questions you may have.  We want you to have the best experience and enjoy quality and reliable service.  Lohrville, Manson and Rockwell City you are ready for service! Contact our office directly or learn more here!

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