Convenience Is Important To Rural Bank Customers

Things have evolved in the world of banking over the past 100 years at Security Savings Bank. As their business has grown from one location to seven locations, and the technology has grown from paper and pencil to mobile banking. In today's world having broadband is important to businesses like Security Savings Bank to offer the technology that customers want accessible at their fingertips. Quick and easy access at any time of day.

When you think of local community banks they are cornerstones of our small rural communities. A place where everyone knows everyone. Customers stop in to visit and make a transaction or call into the bank for information.

"Having broadband access is tremendous. Our customers want and really expect us to have that type of technology." Brad Lane, President & CEO Security Savings Bank

But according to Brad Lane, Security Savings Bank President and CEO, "In today's society our customers don’t necessarily want to come into the bank or call into the bank whenever they want to check a balance or loan payment. They want to be able to do it at their convenience. Quick and easy. They want to be able to look at it on weekends and evenings.

"The fact that we have all these products and services is really so our bank can be open to these customers 24 hours a day. It's a big change from what it used to be."

At Security Savings Bank staff and customers alike use access to the Internet to keep lines of communication open. From communicating between branch locations, efficient online training for staff, and offering account information or services to customers, broadband from WCCTA links all those pieces together.

"It is paramount that we have exceptional and dependable service. Without the type of service we get from WCCTA it would be very difficult for our customer to have that kind of online or mobile experience. They would have to come into the bank and it's not as convenient," adds Lane.

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association provides Landline Telephone, Digital TV and Internet service to 16 rural communities on a Fiber driven network just outside the Fort Dodge, Iowa area: Pilot Mound, Boxholm, Lanyon, Paton, Churdan, Farnhamville, Gowrie, Somers, Moorland, Knierim, Barnum, Clare, Thor, Badger, Vincent, and Duncombe with new investments in 2020 into Lohrville, Manson, Rockwell City and Lake City. www.wccta.net

WCCTA is Gigabit Certified and designated a Smart Rural Community by NTCA: the Rural Broadband Association.

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Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association provides Landline Telephone, Internet, and Television service in North Central, IA.


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