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Managed Wi-Fi Is Solution During Pandemic

The Burger family was like many families going into the pandemic. Stacey Burger began working from her rural Gowrie home and depended on her Internet service from Webster-Calhoun. "I was having issues remoting into my work computer and spent countless hours on the phone with tech support. My computer continued to randomly drop the work connection."

This became increasingly frustrating throughout her time home and into summer. "I really didn't think the problem was on our end (at home) because everything else was working fine." Other devices throughout their home would still connect to Wi-Fi without issues. As part of their troubleshooting process they finally decided to purchase a new router; however, the choices were so overwhelming when trying to research and find a router to fit their needs.

As the new school year loomed ahead with uncertainty of going back to school or online learning the family wanted to be prepared and decided to contact Webster-Calhoun about the Managed Wi-Fi service.

"WCCTA's Managed Wi-Fi service has optimized our home Wi-Fi experience and my ability to work from home during the pandemic." Stacey Burger

Stacey learned the Managed Wi-Fi service from WCCTA provides a wireless router device installed by WCCTA technicians in the customer's home in an optimum location for the family's use as well as continual maintenance and upgrades for a low monthly fee. It takes all the hassles away for the customer.

Stacey was relieved not to have to worry about remoting into her work anymore. "Since the new router was installed by WCCTA I have not once lost my connection to work which has been a huge time saver! I also find peace of mind knowing that we can call WCCTA if we ever experience issues instead of trying to troubleshoot the issue ourselves."

WCCTA is happy to provide a quality and reliable solution for the Burger family. More information about WCCTA's Managed Wi-Fi program can be found on the company's website at

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association provides Landline Telephone, Digital TV and Internet service to 16 rural communities on a Fiber driven network just outside the Fort Dodge, Iowa area: Pilot Mound, Boxholm, Lanyon, Paton, Churdan, Farnhamville, Gowrie, Somers, Moorland, Knierim, Barnum, Clare, Thor, Badger, Vincent, and Duncombe. WCCTA is Gigabit Certified and designated a Smart Rural Community by NTCA: the Rural Broadband Association.

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