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Reliable Internet Is Essential

Updated: May 30, 2018

Kevin Black, President, believes broadband service from Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association allows Heartland Bank to compete with larger banks by offering many of the same services. That means an opportunity for growth.

“It is essential to have reliable Internet service up and running all the time. It is an extremely critical part of our business model.” states Kevin Black, President, Heartland Bank.

“We consider WCCTA to be a very valuable partner and have had a very long relationship with them. Over the years I’ve always felt that technology leveled the playing field for small rural banks to compete with larger regional banks. A majority of transactions from customers are done via the Internet.” says Black. “The impression we try to leave with our customers is that we do lead with technology and we do have online services.”

“The great thing about community banking in small rural areas is everyone knows everybody. We have that relationship banking that we think sets us apart from larger regional banks.” Black adds, “We are connected. We can offer those same services in a competitive environment so we think there is growth potential and that’s why we’re looking forward to the future and a new facility in Gowrie.” Heartland constructed a new office building in Gowrie just down the street from the previous location. They moved in 2017.

Heartland Bank constructed a new office in Gowrie and moved in 2017.

Heartland Bank has offices in four locations including Gowrie, Somers, Callender and Manson. Even though WCCTA doesn't provide service to each location they were able to create a network to connect all four bank branches together. Black agreed, "We called them up and explained our situation. They provided a solution to create what I consider to be state-of-the-art connectivity within our organization."

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association provides Landline Telephone, Digital TV and Internet service to 16 rural communities on a Fiber driven network just outside the Fort Dodge, Iowa area: Pilot Mound, Boxholm, Lanyon, Paton, Churdan, Farnhamville, Gowrie, Somers, Moorland, Knierim, Barnum, Clare, Thor, Badger, Vincent, and Duncombe. WCCTA is Gigabit Certified and designated a Smart Rural Community by NTCA: the Rural Broadband Association.

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