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IPTV Materials

My Settings

View this video to understand how to use "My Settings" on your WCDTV.

Parental Controls

Find out how to set-up parental controls on your WCDTV by watching this video. 

What's Hot App

Watch this clip to find out how to use the "What's Hot App" on your WCDTV.

Phone Menu and Recent Calls List

Did you know you can view your recent calls on your WCDTV? Find out how.

Phone Menu Voicemail On TV

Find out how to listen to your Voicemail on your WCDTV.

Weather App

The "Weather App" is a great tool available on your WCDTV, use it today. 

Re-Start TV

Never miss the beginning of an episode or game again! Find out how and watch.

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